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The films of Marc Wilkinson



ROOM TO BELIEVE - Short Film - Trailer (2018) - In 1999, a diverse group of teenagers gather in a small coastal town for what they believe to be a prestigious creative retreat for young filmmakers. There, the group shares an eye opening summer, falling in love and learning about loss & forgiveness as they struggle to shoot an ill-fated science-fiction adventure.

98 SECONDS -Short Documentary - Trailer (2018) - Seven Chicago survivors speak up about their personal experiences with rape and assault in this new documentary, putting a local face on this national issue while examining why these incidents take place - and what can be done to stop them for good.

HONEYCRISP - Feature Film - Trailer (2018) - Ttwo estranged sisters with a turbulent past who meet up to clean out their suddenly deceased parents cabin and repair - or end - their relationship. Co-written with the actors during production, Honeycrisp is a feature-length dark comedy about modern women, magical places, and a mysterious sword.

BULLETS HAVE NO NAMES - Short Documentary - Trailer (2018) Gun violence in Chicago is reported constantly in todays national news - but what is the real source of the problem, and what can be done about it? Get the true story - straight from the residents of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods.

SUNSET ROCK - Feature Film - Trailer (2016) - A Midwestern new media student with a passion for internet fandom shadows a YouTube star, but the relationship between fan and creator soon becomes complicated as the pair develop a new web series- and a romantic bond that causes each to examine the way they project themselves online and imagine one another.