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Based out of Chicago, IL, Suburban Skies Pictures  is a fully independent production community for the film & video work of Marc Wilkinson, in collaboration with his significantly more talented & good looking friends. We make feature films, music videos, and other fun content.

Suburban Skies  includes cinematographer Andrew K. Smith,  composer Tyler Koontz, producer Rebecca Wilkinson, and frequent collaborations  with the
actresses Megan Baim & Heather Call,  as well as  production designer Nicholas Swartz and production guru Joeseph Buckley. Check out our FORUM to join our community and find ways to get involved. We want YOU to come make us laugh on set & get behind schedule. It's more fun that way.

You can also help us continue making artistic, engaging, and entertaining independent film by contributing HERE.


Marc Wilkinson is a filmmaker from the cornfields of Illinois. An experienced writer, director & editor, Marc specializes in music videos and narrative filmmaking. After directing dozens of award-winning short-form projects, Marc made his feature film debut with Sunset Rock. He currently shoots & edits for the Fox TV series "Case Files: Chicago" and has plans for  more independent feature projects in  the near future.

When not writing and directing, Marc enjoys making music, finger painting, and exploring wooded glens. He drinks an amount of black coffee that has often been described as "stupid". He is known to get overly emotional when thinking about outer space. His has worked with Fox My50, the National Safety Council, FearNet, BriTanick, Angels & Airwaves, and has commercial & narrative work screened in cinemas nation wide.

Marc can be reached at
You can view his professional resume by clicking HERE.
You can follow his personal twitter account by clicking HERE.

He currently represents himself in all professional matters relating to filmmaking, acting, and Bird Law.